What others are saying...

Check out some of the endorsements for the Transformation Conference below.  We know what it's like to bring your students to something you've never participated in.  We value that greatly.  That's why we've included this section so you can see what others are saying about this conference so you know what you are getting into.

  • Brian Duncan, teaching Pastor

    The Transformation Conference is staple in the annual calendar for my ministry. My students love it and look forward to it. My own children are students who have attended to last few years and as a parent and pastor, I cannot speak highly enough of the event. The teachings are engaging and Gospel-centric, and the worship music is doctrinally sound as well. I, like many I am certain, always have a level of trepidation when considering events hosted and programmed by other churches, but those fears proved to be unfounded when it comes to this conference.  Transformation conference met or exceeded every expectation I held. If you and your church are looking for a fun and rewarding event, then the Transformation Conference is for you.

  • Joshua Walker, student pastor

    Transformation Conference changed my students lives. This conference emphasizes sound biblical worship and teaching. I have yet to find a local conference where those two have been prioritized. This conference united my students and revitalized their hearts to Christ. Our students look forward to being a part of this very well put together conference each year! It is a highlight for them!  I would highly recommend this conference to any student pastor who is looking to take their group to something sold and impactful! 10/10!

  • Justin Heslin, Nextgen pastor

    As a Student Pastor, I am a big fan of the Transformation Conference.  There are a lot of conferences out there that feature untrustworthy speakers, poorly planned events, and simply aren't worth the money. This is NOT one of those "cheesy" conferences. Your students will grow in their knowledge of Scripture, participate in engaging worship, and be challenged in their faith... all while having a great time in a safe environment. The best part in my opinion about Transformation conference is the fact that it frees me up to pastor and build relationships with my students. All of the planning is done for you! Do you want to take your students to a high quality winter conference or DNOW experience in the Charlotte area? Check out Transformation conference for sure!

  • Will snipes, evangelist

    Transformation Conference provided an incredible opportunity for students to grow in their faith or to be introduced to Christ for the first time - all within one action packed weekend.  The entire event was professionally organized and administered from start to finish.  Worship sessions focused on Biblical teaching and authentic worship music, with both clearly centered on the Gospel.  Breakout sessions were informative and relevant to both students and leaders.  All in all, you will not find a better winter conference to encourage, uplift, and strengthen your student ministry.

  • alex wood, student pastor

    Last year was my first year in full-time ministry and the Transformation Conference was an amazing event for me and my students! It was easy for me on the planning side, cheap for my students, and focused on the truth of the Gospel! I saw the Lord work in the heart’s of many of my students. Even had one student said it was the best event she had ever been to! I would highly recommend this to youth group’s of any size.

  • Chris hartness, Student & children's pastor

    Our students and myself have really benefited from the Transformation Conference over the past several years.  Having a smaller group of students it is great to be able to offer an event that is so well done.  Everything from arrival to the time we head out is taking care of and thought through so well.  To be able to watch 100’s of students worship and dig into Gods word is awesome for sure.  As a youth Pastor to be able to have a weekend to just hang out with my students and build relationships with them is great.  I would highly encourage to join us for an unbeliveable weekend of Biblical teaching, God centered worship, and just all around fun time with your students.  Transformation Conference is something our students and leaders look forward to each year. 

  • Patrick hunter, Worship & student pastor

    My students and I all love this event. Biblically sound preaching, excellent times of worship led by an awesome band, top-notch, informative breakout sessions, and some fun activities over the course of the weekend led to a great weekend for our students. The weekend led to spiritual growth as well as closer relationships as a student ministry family. The planning and execution of the event was spectacular, and you really can’t beat the price for the kind of quality we experienced with this event. 10/10, would definitely recommend.

  • Aaron Lawing, student pastor

    Transformation Conference was such an awesome experience for the youth of our church and my ministry.  I am alway a bit skeptical when trying out new events or conferences.  But, Transformation Conference blew me away.  Their leadership was on point and were very accommodating to my youths needs.  The teaching was based on sound doctrine, and Christ centered.  The Worship was amazing and centered on truthful expression of faith.  The price was very affordable which is a plus.  Transformation Conference is a must if you are looking for a winter conference to participate in for your students.

  • jacob cibas, children's Pastor

    Among the many student events with the intention of leading students to encounter Christ and go deeper with Him, none stands out quite like the Transformation Conference. Having been a part of the conference for many years now, I have seen first hand the lasting impact it has had upon students and their walk with Christ. It truly is a weekend that students and leaders alike won’t forget. Affordable and accessible to all, this is the winter event to put at the top of your list. If you’re looking for an event that prioritizes faithful biblical teaching, Christ-centered worship, lifelong friendships established and countless memories made, the Transformation Conference is where you and your students will want to be.